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Apple App Picture Recognition Guide: Face Recognition in Home on iPhone

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Apple App Picture Recognition Guide: Face Recognition in Home on iPhone

You can use the Home app to be informed when individuals you’ve tag in the Photos app come to your door if you have a compatible camera or doorbell.

Configure Face Recognition

Face Recognition recognizes persons based on the faces in your photo library or photographs of recent guests taken by your camera or doorbell.

If this is your first time installing a camera or doorbell, do the following:

Include the item in the Home app.

Turn on Face Recognition in the Recognize Familiar Faces card, then press Continue.

Choose whether your photo library access by Never, Only Me, or Everyone in this House.

Never: Only the faces you’ve added from Home app clips are recognized.

Only Me: The names of individuals in your photo library are only visible in the alerts you get.

Everybody in this House: The names of persons in your photo library appear in the alerts for everyone in your household.

Continue, then finish configuring the camera or doorbell.

If you already have a doorbell or camera and wish to utilize it to identify guests, go to the Home tab, tap, touch Face Recognition, and then turn it on. Tap your photo library, then select who may see it.

Notifications may display on any of the devices linked to your Apple ID.

Recognize recent visitors

Face Recognition can assist you in recognizing persons who aren’t in your photo library by using a photograph taken by your camera or doorbell.

  • Open the Home app when Face Recognition does enable, then touch the Home tab.
  • Then, tap the camera or doorbell.
  • Tap Face Recognition, press an unidentified individual from the Recent list and then tap Add Name.
  • Add the person’s name or their relationship to you, such as “Mom” or “Mail Carrier.”
  • Select if you want to be alerted if your camera or doorbell sees them.
  • Configure notifications
  • Open the Home app, then hit and then Home Settings.
  • Tap Cameras & Doorbells under the Notifications section.
  • Tap the camera for which you want to set up alerts.
  • On this iPhone, enable Notifications.
  • Select if you’re going to notify when a clip is recorded.

You may also configure notifications for certain cameras or doorbells. Hit the device in the Home tab, tap Notifications, turn on Notifications on This iPhone, and then select to get notifications when a clip does record.

Share your facial expressions with your family.

You can make the names of visitors recognized in your photo library visible to members of your household.

Open the Home app when Face Recognition does enable, tap, and then press Home Settings.

Tap Cameras & Doorbells, then Face Recognition, from the Notifications menu.

Tap your photo library, followed by Everyone in this Home.

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