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Blippar Visual Search: A Search-Based On Discovery And Curiosity

What is the Blippar app? And how do Blippar Visual Search works? Well, read on and discover more about this app called Blippar.

About Blippar

It’s a visual discovery app. But, it relies on the use of augmented reality and machine learning. As a result, it brings the physical world to life through smartphones and wearables.

After downloading the app, the users can “blipp”. That means they can scan objects they are curious about and unlock the content.

Additionally, Blippar was launched in the United Kingdom in 2011. Then, soon after, it caught the attention of the business and financial worlds.

As a result, Blippar ranked 9th on CNBC’s Top Disrupter List. Besides, in 2016, Blippar also made it to Bloomberg’s list of top UK Business Innovators.

To Focus On Discovery

The redesigned version of Blippar now focuses on discovery. In fact, its visual search tool can recognize hundreds of millions of items. Some are broadly recognized. But, others are hyper-specific.

However, the unique part is that Blippar Visual Search bases its searches around curiosity. So, the app now comes with an inbuilt layer on top of the initial search.

And what was that for? Well, it lets its users keep learning through curiosity and discovery.

How Blippar Visual Search Works

When you pull a Blippable item, the app’s interface will spread to a web of bubbles. Note also that each web of bubbles has some relation to the original Blipp.

Then, users can click around within this web. That allows them to see various items related to one another. They can also scroll down to get more in-depth information on a single item.

And because of curiosity, users can spend a lot of clicking around, from one Blipp to the next.

Blipparsphere To Enhance Visual Discovery

Blippar adds a feature named Blipparsphere. But what is a Blipparsphere? Well, it’s a visual discovery technology that uses machine learning to recognize real-world objects.

Additionally, it uses computer vision capabilities. That helps it to personalize information about the user’s physical surroundings.

Ability To Identify The Faces Of Famous People

Blippar announced a new feature. The app can now identify the faces of famous people. Not only that but it also allows you to add your own to a searchable database.

But how will Blippar do that? Well, to identify a face, open the app and hold your phone’s camera up to it.

If the subject is in the database, then a circular avatar will appear. It comes along with other surrounding circles that contain information about them.

Additionally, the future feature will include adding people who are not public figures. But are also verified on Twitter and Facebook.

 Moreover, it’s also possible to add people to Blippar via photos. But that will be difficult. Why? That’s because adding yourself to the database needs facial movement. And that helps the app accurately capture every aspect of their face.

Furthermore, Facebook’s facial recognition uses all photos you’ve shared to create a profile on you. That’s why Facebook knows to tag you in photos.

However, Blippar takes that way a bit further. How? By giving its users the ability to share their faces with anyone.

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