can you do a visual search on google

Can You Do a Visual Search on Google?

Can you do a visual search on Google? In this website, we will consider what Google Lens can do.

Read on to learn more.

What is Visual Search on Google Lens?

Google Lens is an AI-powered technology. The app uses your smartphone camera and deep machine learning.

Since 2017, it has come to the majority of Android devices. And it has helped many in their visual searching.

But, how does Google Lens work?

Just point your phone at something, like a specific flower. Then, it will tell you what the object you’re pointing at is.

But, it doesn’t just end at giving you information. You can also get suggestions, like nearby florists so you can buy the flower.

Google Lens can also recognize restaurants, clubs, cafes, and bars. Then, it will show you a pop-up window with reviews, address details, and opening times.

The possibilities of visual search on Google are almost limitless. Show a hand and it will suggest the thumbs-up emoji. Point it at a drink, and it will try and figure out what it is.

You can also scan a plant. Then, it will show you tips on how to grow it beautifully.

What can Visual Seach on Google Lens do?

As mentioned, Google Lens can do a lot of things. Here are other features of the app.

  • Google homework questions: Scan the question and see what Google comes up with. It can show you videos on how to solve a math problem. Or articles about your physics assignment. You can even see a 3D periodic table you can use for your chemistry class.
  • Search around you: If you point your camera around you, Google Lens will detect and identify your surroundings. It can be a landmark of a foreign city. Or details about types of food and even recipes.
  • Shopping: See a dress you like while shopping? Google Lens can identify that. Then, it will show you similar articles of clothing. You can also get reviews from an online shop.
  • Smart Text Selection: Point your phone’s camera at text. Then highlight that text within Google Lens. After that, you can copy it to use on your phone. So, for instance, you want to copy a Wi-Fi password. Then, you can easily copy/paste it into a Wi-Fi login screen.
  • Smart Text search: When you point text in Google Lens, you can also search that text in Google. This is handy if you need to look up a definition of a word, for instance. Say you don’t understand in a book or newspaper. Use Google Lens to help you understand complex phrases or words to quickly learn more.
  • Translate: Visiting a foreign city and you’re lost? You can point your phone at a text, like signs. Then, with Google Translate plugging in, it will translate text in front of your very eyes. This can also work offline. Aside from that, you can use Lens to practice words or phrases. Simply tap the new Listen button to hear it read out loud.

How to Install Google Lens 

To use Google Lens, you need to download the app first. If you are on Android, you can install it on Google Play Store. If you are an iOS user, you can use it on the Google App or Photos.

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