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Discover Product Discovery Sites

The digital world helps us with more available information. There are also free product discovery sites online. This is perfect for those startups. Of who are just on their first step of finding their diamonds.

Check the following product discovery sites that can help you.


This site is initially for connection between startups and inventors. However, this has emerged into a top resource tool now. That helps in discovering more startups.

A free account can be created with AngelList. It is okay if you are a current startup. Or if you have past experiences already. This allows other members of the site to connect with you.

On the site, there you will see the ‘start-ups’ tab. That tab features the top startups of the date. Also, you can search these startups by category. Categories may include their location, funding stage, and industry.

The Beta List

This promises to help you ‘discover tomorrow’s startups, today’. Of which is so promising. This site aims to help you keep on track of the newest startup trends. 

Moreover, you can freely sign up for a newsletter. This in turn will keep you daily updated with interesting Internet startups. In addition to these newsletters, are their special offers. You can register as a beta user for some of the featured startups sent to you by email.

Erli Bird

This site on the other hand can help you find new products. Moreover, this site allows you to have a sneak peek at what is currently developed. Once they’re done with the building, they’ll give you a chance to have a private beta invite. Yes, they will let you try new products.

Plus, this site offers you actual cash and stuff. Which is done by participating in focus groups. If for example, you got someone to register and sign up for an account. You will be receiving an upgrade into a Pro account. This type of account makes sure of 10 private beta invites in a year.


Kicktraq lets you view products in choices. It’s either you want to sort these into categories. Or you can have an overview of the latest trends. You can access these with Kicktraq’s ‘Hot List’. 

What’s also nice with Kicktraq, is that it lets you see the time tracking of each campaign. Thus, a lot of great products and startups have started from this site.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt can help you find the most talked about online content. That is why this site is a gem for those who want to discover the latest startups. Even of those individuals. This ranges from software to hardware.


A great resource even for new products and startups. With Reddit, you are ahead of discovering new amazing things. 

In addition, Reddit is also a great place for customer reviews. It’s either you, who wants to receive feedback. Or what the other people are working on.


What’s great and cool with Springwise, is that they offer a daily newsletter. Yes, new discoveries right in your inbox every day. Moreover, most of their products are from outside of the US.

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