Discovery Media Productions Inc

Discovery Media Productions Inc

Discovery Media Productions Inc is a company founded in 2007. Its line of business includes the production of theatrical and nontheatrical motion pictures and videotapes. Well, read this post to find out more.

About The Business

Discovery Media Productions Inc was a small Portland-based business. As we all know, since 2007 they have been established and serving the Portland area. This company is passionate about personalizing and preserving technology.

They’re the leader in Oregon and SW Washington for professional legal video and event services. They specialize in legal video services, transcript syncing, video depositions, VHS to DVD transfer, and many more digital video and media services.

Their business hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00. The company suggests contacting them to schedule an appointment because their office will not be staffed when they are in production.

The History of Discovery Media Productions Inc

Devin Williams founded the Discovery Media Productions in 2007. Soon thereafter, their focus is to provide video services and production of continuing education seminars and introducing video depositions.

They later realized the need of helping their customers with transferring old VHS tapes and film reels to DVDs. This is because many now no longer have working VCRs or film projectors that function.

That’s the reason why the Discovery Media Productions Inc. team was striving to be knowledgeable in new technologies. They insist on keeping all equipment up to date. And that includes HD video cameras and editing to HD film scanners.

The Team Behind Discovery Media Productions Inc

Devin Williams As The Owner

As stated earlier, Devin was the founder of Discovery Media Productions Inc. He already spent 21 years in the legal video field.
Devin Williams was born and raised in the Portland Metro area. He has graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance.

Williams became one of the first Certified Legal Video Specialists in Oregon. He has also maintained his certification ever since.
He started Discovery Media Productions after his 13 years of experience. It focuses on the legal community’s video needs. Thus, he also supports court reporters’ needs for video and transcript productions.

Williams always maintained the highest standards for media productions in the legal field. Also, he insists on the one-on-one client interaction and communication each client deserves.

Other Members Of The Team

Colin Sorensen

He came to Discovery Media in 2009 as Videographer and Project Assistant. He has taken care of most of the video and audio transfers and conversions in their office in Portland, Oregon.

Lani Milton

March 2017 when he came to Discovery Media as a Videographer. Lani Milton holds degrees in both communications and documentary film. He is also a fan of podcasts, cucumber sours, and aggressively nice people.

Tim Garrett

It was also in March 2017 when Tim Garrett started in Discovery Media as Videographer depositions and on-location site shoots. He is also proficient in producing videos used for large and small businesses on social media posts. Additionally, he is an active part of the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce.

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