first texas products discovery 3300

First Texas Product Discovery 3300

What is the First Texas product discovery 3300? How does it involve? What is the product discovery 3300 for? Let’s learn more about the First Texas product discovery 3300.

What Is The First Texas Product Discovery 3300?

The First Texas Product Discovery 3300 Metal Detector has featured a new quality in power, performance. And it also presents the use of lightweight and Ergonomic design. It is simple to function some parts like to turn on and off the product.

Discover Buried Treasures

The Discovery 3300 will recognize the buried coins high to 11 inches deep and bigger target up to 3 feet deep.

Ergonomic Design

The controls are easy to find, learn, and use. 2. 5 lbs. and stress-free metal detecting for it to balance well.
You can adjust the stem with its locking collars for it to fit hard. Moreover, it can balance, comfortable grip, hunt fatigue-free for an hour.

How Does It Evolve?

This metal detector is from the First Texas Products corporation. And it is also built-in the main office that is from El Paso, Texas. This company is exclusive to manufacturing. It establishes a cheap metal detector for beginner and professional level.
Furthermore, this metal detector can also use for those who like outdoor activity. One of the examples of outdoor activity is treasure hunting.

The Function of Different Parts of Metal Detector (Discovery 3300)

  • The Shaft

It has 2 shaft sections. The first is an 8 search coil that is a bridge to the bottom section. It lets the metal detector in the ground and checks if it is clean.
Second is the upper one that controls the unit. The armrest and the handle are handy to work. Its function is allowing users to use the product.

  • The Coil

It indicates the solid performance of any ground. Also, it is easy to see the temperature difference. The search coil is also waterproof.

  • Headphones

Since it is a ¼ jack plug, you can connect the headphone to the device

  • The Battery

Metal detectors use two 9V batteries as a power supply. It functions on its devices until 30 to 40 hours.

  • The Control Unit

It has a high contrast of LCD Display. Its function is to adjust the ground balance as well as the settings and navigation.

  • Search Modes

It provides a higher detection of depth. It can also detect signals from various objects in the ground.

  • Ground Balance

It can function from both manuals to automatic changes. The device can detect the noises on the ground in a complicated situation.

  • Tones

It has 4 sounds with different pitches. This sound happens when the third indicator notices by the device.


The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 has a perfect quality that is valuable for users. It is easy to use for some beginners. It does not have complicated changes and settings.

If you hunt longer, the 2.5 lb weight has very functional features. It is less hassle to use than other devices.

It is an easy-going-used device for a detectorist. But, experts want something different in their metal detectors.


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