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How to Do A Pinterest Visual Search?

Pinterest aims to become the search engine for image search. But how to do a Pinterest visual search? We will learn that in this context. 

Note, we’re not talking about looking for photographs. But in that respect, it’s helpful. 

But what happens when you see an image of something that you just love online? And you try to explain it verbally just won’t cut it? Visual Search Join. 

What Does Visual Search Mean? 

Pinterest has taken advantage of recent advances in machine learning. To “teach” image recognition in its search engine. 

You can now catch pictures online or in the real world. But by using the Pinterest app on your smartphone. So then Pinterest can find other similar images on the internet. 

While Pinterest checks its methods and technology developments. There are currently a few distinct choices available for how to browse.

Inside Pinterest Search

You capture an image of an object while doing a visual search. Also, allow Pinterest to search for similar images. 

If you look at a pinned picture, let’s say you see something you like in there. It could be the dress someone is wearing or the kitchen counter with a blender. 

Also, in the upper right-hand corner, you simply tap the search button. Then you can drag a frame around that part of the picture and resize it. 

Moreover, Pinterest will then look elsewhere for it. With some luck, you can discover the item’s brand name and where to purchase it. 

Check The Real Universe 

The beta version of Lens was released by Pinterest in February 2017. 

You can aim your phone’s camera at an object using this method. In addition, Pinterest will scan for it. 

Like for example that you’re in a public house. And then you see a chair that just loves you. So, using the lens to look for similar pictures. 

Further, Pinterest, along with its level of “trust” that its outcome fits your quest. Then it will show you the possibilities.

Although Lens is still in Beta, by asking them if they got it right or just made you laugh, you can give Pinterest reviews. So, the more images are scanned by Lens, the more it can “learn” how to recognize objects.

Visual Search Without Going To Pinterest

Pinterest also revealed something in early 2017. That it would allow users without accounts to search for its inventory of images. So technically speaking, you’ve always been able to access Pinterest without logging in. 

So, you don’t even have to go to Pinterest now, though. But you’ll need to install Chrome with a “Pin It” button. Because Pinterest will check and show search results. The results for all the images on the web page you’re currently browsing. 

If you like, you can then follow the findings into the application and pin it to your own boards.

Image search may sound odd now. But once upon a time, search engines did so. It makes sense as our communication modes are gradually leaning towards the visual. Also, the technology in our pockets gives us more opportunities. 

Check out the available visual search tools now and watch for new updates.

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