how to do a visual search on pinterest

How To Do A Visual Search On Pinterest

Did you experience how to do a visual search on Pinterest? As we can see, Pinterest is one of the platforms that finds visual search beneficial. If you haven’t tried, then read this post and follow the step on how to do it yourself.

How Does Visual Search Tool On Pinterest Works?

Well, two different types of images help the Visual Search Tool. Thus, serving the right content for future customers. These are the following:

  • Close up product image. This image shows the close up of the product or item. Also, people can hover over the image. It will then pull up more of that particular product.
  • Lifestyle product image. This type of image allows the customer to make a connection with the product. And mentally picturing in their environment.

Most people don’t know that there’s a Visual Search tool within Pinterest. And it’s very easy to use. Surprisingly, others find beautiful pins of products that have never found only using the keyword search function. There are two ways. First, by using Pinterest Lens. And second, by using the image search tool.

How To Do A Visual Search Using An Image Search Tool

So follow the steps listed below on how to do a visual search on Pinterest. Using the image search tool.

  • Step #1: Click on A pin wall. After that, you will notice a small magnifying glass icon. It will appear on the bottom right corner of the image.
  • Step #2: Drag the corners of the selected area until it highlights the aspect of the photo. You can also drag the corners to the far edges of the image if you’re looking for similar images.
  • Step #3: Notice that the results of the visual search changes as you move your selection. For instance, selecting books in the corner will give you pins about books and publications. And if you move the selection to other objects found on the image, then it will find results of similar objects for you.

How To do Visual Search Using Pinterest Lens

The following step will show you how to do a visual search using Pinterest Lens.

  • Step #1: inside your Pinterest mobile app, you will find a little camera icon. It’s on the right side of your search bar. If you can’t find it, then go to the home page and select the Pinterest icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Step #2: Click on that little camera to open the Pinterest Lens. Also, make sure you authorize the Pinterest app to use your phone camera in settings.
  • Step #3: Then Point the camera to any item you want to search for. Place it within the circle on the screen and take the photo.

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