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Product Discovery App: Jungle Scout & Chrome Extension

This article will tell you more about this product discovery app. Particularly, the Jungle Scout Amazon research tool.

In brief, this software is intelligently designed for Amazon product research. This is helpful in finding Amazon niche products. That you can sell in your own e-commerce shop. Moreover, this research can help you better decide on the probability of the product.

Do You Really Need An Amazon Research Tool?

For example, do you really need to get this product discovery app? Like the Jungle Scout?

To answer that, that is really a personal decision. However, let me tell you that finding quality products on Amazon these days is almost impossible.

But I am not saying you can’t do it. Who knows someone has super manual powers? But the thing is the time consumed while doing the thing. We all know how time is a valuable asset in business. 

Come to think of this, it is like finding gold or treasure without a metal detector. How sure are you to dig over that ground for hours, even for days- and find a winning gold beneath? Chances are minimal with success.

In a like manner, doing product discovery with the help of automation tools aids big. It covers more efficiently and more effectively.

Moreover, having your buddy like Jungle Scout makes decision making easier. Suppose you found a winning product, but how sure are you of its chances? How can you consider your competitors? 

But with a software buddy, these are all laid in front of your screens. You will be in a better position to make decisions. And decide to launch that winning product.

What’s The Difference Between The Jungle Scout App & The Chrome Extension?

The Jungle Scout web application has a Google Chrome extension. However, not everyone is aware of how both works together. Well, here’s something to clear up your confusion.

The Jungle Scout Website

This offers you with a monthly subscription. This comes with a variety of features. Moreover, these features are designed to help and guide you through your product research.

This web app can also aid you in searching and finding your niche.

Google Chrome Extension

On the other hand, this is installed right on your web browser. Such as Google Chrome. And this helpful extension will serve as your searching buddy. Yes, this will help you to further assess the products and keywords you search for.

This extension incurs annual fees. Moreover, the chrome extension comes in two forms. There is the Lite Version and the Jungle Scout Pro version. Moreover, more features and advantages come with the Pro version.

Which Should I Have?

The answer is both. It’s basically very productive to have these two. 

However, if your focus is to have niche ideas and potential products. Then the Jungle Scout Web App serves you well.

After that, once you’ve already had your product listing. The Google Chrome Extension can further assist you. Most especially in having a more closer and detailed look at the product.

That is why basically, it is most helpful to have both. 

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