Product Discovery UX

Product Discovery UX: The Phases

Learn about the phases of product discovery UX projects. Also, the importance of every phase to a successful outcome.

Introduction About Product Discovery UX

Production discovery is the preceding phase in the UX designing process. Moreover, it covers the following:

  • researching each problem space
  • framing the problems to be solve
  • evidence is gather

Then after this, you can start with your initial direction. However, in this type of discovery, it does not include testing of theory nor the solutions.

Discovery is a vital part of setting the right design projects. Moreover, to have the right direction, teams should focus on the following:

  • right problem
  • consequently
  • creating the right thing

Therefore, to be more effective in this field you need to be broad and technology solution-agnostic.

Product Discovery UX Should Follow

Here are the following steps for discovery to apply:

  • Understand your users. You can do this with a survey. Your team target here is to understand how your users are affected by a particular problem. Moreover, the following aspects of the customer are considered:
    • their needs
    • value of the solutions to them
    • their desires
  • Determine the problems to be solved and bring opportunities. 
  • Share the vision. During the product discovery process, the team and stakeholders are working together. It will bring an understanding of the real objectives and desired outcomes.

When Is Discovery Needed?

Actually, there is a various situation why discovery is needed. Also, it depends on the types of problems that need to review.

So here are the following few instigators: 

  • Acquiring or mergers – when a company merges many is aspects are considered. Such as the following:
    • systems
    • tools
    • processes
  • Newmarket chances – if your company is looking to where to expand, then discovery is needed. The Discovery process will determine your new customers and also the size of the opportunities.
  • New regulations and policies – So with the discovery, also involved in studying the populations affected. Moreover, it involved the following:
    • reviewing the regulation to understand it
    • evaluating business operations
  • Company new strategy – so there are a lot of strategies or approaches. The most common platforms are what companies focus.
  • Chronic company problems – such as the following:
    • Low sales
    • Low satisfaction

Activities In Discovery Process

So there are a lot of activities in the discovery process. However, we will only tackle the most common.

  • Exploratory studies

With studies or research, you will able to learn new things about a field. It is a process that generates new insights. 

By research, you will also able to learn the problem space and the opportunity space.

  • Stakeholders Reviews

Stakeholders have unique insight, knowledge, and data when it comes to internal processes. By interviewing them you can gain the following:

  • Data insights
  • Solutions that you might have been looking for
  • Vital business objectives
  • Workshops

Workshops that align the stakeholders and the team could be useful strategies for the discovery. Here are the various workshops you can use:

  • Kick-of workshop
  • Assumption-mapping workshop
  • Research workshops
  • Problem-framing workshops
  • Affinity-diagramming workshops
  • Service-blueprinting workshops

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