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ShareASale Product Discovery Tool: Bookmarklet

ShareASale Product Discovery Tool is a perfect addition to your shopping site. In this article, we’ll discuss how the tools can help you quickly create a product display.

But first, what is ShareASale?

What is

ShareASale offers an affiliate marketing program for 20 years. They also provide information about product promotions, tools, and distribution.

Also, it has more than 3,900 merchants on the network. They deal with each other and refer them, too.

They do this by giving webinars, marketing classes, and newsletters. Thus, you are up to date with the affiliate marketing industry,

Moreover, they give real-time tracking for the merchants. It means that you’ll know when someone clicks your product ad. They will also inform you if someone buys your product.

Also, their services use segmentations. So, it will be easy to track a specific group trend. They can also deliver targeted content and commissions.

ShareASale also connects your multiple stores. It enables you to run your stores under one account. And it makes sure that you still get separate commissions and reports.

Besides, they use an API if you are a merchant. It helps you get data automatically. Also, it is convenient to void or edit a transaction.

Furthermore, you can customize your links. It allows you to connect your social media and deep-link to your products.

ShareASale also offers tools to help you improve your online shop. These tools include the following:

  • Product Discovery Bookmarklet
  • Baskets
  • Make A Page

In this article, we will help you know more about the Product Discovery Bookmarklet.

ShareASale Product Discovery Tool: Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is a bookmarking tool in a web browser. It is the most helpful tool for sellers and bloggers.

Bookmarklet is also a time-saver. It will make a big difference when achieving your strategy!

Create an Affiliate Link

It helps you get affiliate links. How does it work?

Imagine you are browsing your favorite shop. Then, you see a product that captures your eyes. You can simply click the Bookmarklet button. After that, the Product Discovery tool will pop up!

In this window, you can get the HTML code for the product. Also, you can get the affiliate link. Then, you can paste the link in your blog post.

Save you time and hassle, right? You don’t need to login, then search for the merchant anymore!

Add Product to Basket

Moreover, you can easily add products to your shopping cart. With this tool, you can add up to 100 products in your basket. Then, if you click “create a page,” you can paste your shop to your blog posts.

Join the Merchants Network

The Product Discovery tool helps you join the program of the merchants. Note that not all merchants are a member of their program.

So, this tool will allow you to request to join right away. Now, you don’t have to switch browser tabs. You also don’t need to spend time looking for the program anymore!


So, it sounds like the best product discovery tool ever, right? Click this link here to get the tool for your browser.

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