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Visual Search ASOS: How to Use the Online Shopping App

In this article, we will know how to use the visual search ASOS.

If you are into shopping, you will love to use ASOS. Why?

Now, people rarely go to brick-and-mortar stores to shop. Because of the COVID-19, we had to stay at home unless it’s essential.

But, there’s a frustrating thing about online shopping. You may want to search for clothing. But, you don’t know what it’s called.

You have an inspiration in your mind. Yet, you don’t know where to begin searching.

With that, Visual Search ASOS can help you. It allows shoppers to have an enjoyable experience. So, let’s find out what that is.

Visual Search ASOS System

Visual search is actually not that new. It’s a technology that’s been going on for years. But, not many people adopted it.

Using this technology is a whole lot easier than we expect. Now, whatever clothes or accessories you want to buy, it’s possible to find them.

But, how does visual search work?

Visual search engines like ASOS helps you find similar products. Then, it will analyze the pictures.

It will examine the patterns, colors, sizes, and designs. Then, show you an item that is similar to that photo.

How ASOS Visual Search Works

Now, how does the visual search ASOS works?

First, you have to open the app. Then, tap on the camera icon on the search bar. After that, it will launch the search feature.

Next, point the camera onto any object. Say you want to buy sneakers similar to what you used to have. 

Take a photo of it. Alternatively, you can also upload one from your gallery.

Finally, ASOS will show you product listings that are similar to your photo. You can see the prices, too. So, you can compare and choose the best deal for you.

But, ASOS is different from other visual search apps. How so?

Consider Google Lens. This visual search app from Google only focuses on searching for information. It also covers wide categories, but not mainly on shopping.

Visual search ASOS is more on retail and shopping posts. In fact, they are the first retail-focused visual search.

They wanted shoppers to capture items in a fleeting situation. For example, you’re on the train. And you loved the boots of another person who sits in front of you.

It would be embarrassing or awkward to ask her. But with visual search ASOS, you can simply take a photo of it.

Saw a celebrity on Instagram and you want the exact look? Simply use ASOS to look for that outfit.

It can also personalize your search. For example, your search for a red dress.

Then, it will show you footwear that looks good with it. So, no more OOTD problems!

About ASOS Clothes

While women are more into shopping, ASOS also has clothing for men. You can even customize the occasion so you’ll see more results.

Today, visual search is not just a trend for retailers. People look for this feature. So, the e-commerce sector is investing in this.

Other visual search partners like Syte also offer solutions for them. So, they can make the shopping experience more valuable.

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