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Visual Search Examples and Everything You Need to Know

Visual search, which is a search based on images rather than text, is on the rise. What are some visual search examples you have to know?

Read on to learn more.

Visual Search, The Future of Retail

Before the digital era, retailers relied on word of mouth and flyers. But, we’re seeing less of that marketing style now.

Currently, we’ve seen how recent marketing tools focus on bringing digital experiences. For example, there is a rise in visual search technologies.

But, what’s visual search?

Visual search uses images to conduct online searches. Simply take a picture of an item and the search engine will do the rest.

It’s been a few years since this technology came into the market. In 2014, it was only a trend that we had to look forward to.

But now, it’s driving success to retailers and the e-commerce sector. Now, what are some examples of visual search?

Visual Search Examples

In 2017, a runway show by Tommy Hilfiger launched this technology. If attendees are interested in a model’s outfit, they can take a picture of it.

Then, they can instantly find the same items for sale. It’s like the Shazam for finding clothes.

Not long after the Tommy Hilfiger show, another major game player emerged. 

Pinterest launched Lens in 2018. Before that, their platform already revolves around images. Since then, they focus on making a step ahead.

And during February of the same year alone, over 600 million monthly visual searches were reported. Now, users can also take visual search to the next level.

Pinterest introduced the “Shop the Look” feature. Here, users can click on a jacket in an image. Then, they can check out buying options.

Since then, visual search is growing in popularity. Even Google had their own Lens, too.

Some fields also enjoy visual search more than others. For example, home decor and fashion are the top adopters of this tech.

Not long ago, the list of top visual searches included:

  • Home decor
  • Fashion
  • Products
  • Animals
  • Outfits
  • Art
  • Food

Because of that, even other retail companies launched their own visual search tool.

For example, ASOS allows customers to take a picture of any piece of clothing. Then, they can upload it to the app.

After that, customers can find a similar item from their catalog. But, why are people enjoy this technology?

For one thing, it makes the customer experience easier and more enjoyable. It also eliminates customer frustration of knowing what you want but not being able to find it.

Thus, customers love to buy more from the brand that uses it. So, it serves as an opportunity for retailers to earn more.

At the same time, people are more likely to share these experiences with other people. So, brands can gain more customers and reach.

The Future of Search

In the future, more and more companies invest in visual search. We will also see more platforms.

All the while, it makes visual searches more accurate. We’ve gone through some examples, too.

We still don’t know if the visual search will replace text-based search, though. For now, let’s see how this trend goes.

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