What are Examples of Visual Search Tools

What are Examples of Visual Search Tools?

What are examples of visual search tools? Have you tried using one before?

Visual search has already been around for more than a decade. But it looks like it is still not about to take over text-based search soon.

But many people are now using it or are aware of it. So, if you are a newbie in this, you might wonder what are some tools out there.

To get an idea of some well-known visual search tools, keep on reading.

What are Examples of Visual Search Tools?

Google Lens

Of course, when talking about all things searches, we cannot miss Google. The search engine giant rolled out its very own visual search tool last 2017.

With Google Lens, you can:

  • find items or similar ones. Like clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.
  • work with text. Like looking up menu items, translate words, etc.
  • explore nearby places. Like finding landmarks, operating hours, etc.
  • name plants and animals.

Also, this tool is free to use on both Android and iOS. It can be a standalone app you can download. Or access it via Google Assistant.

Bing Visual Search

Another visual search from a search engine. Though it is not as integrated and rich as Google, they can do almost the same thing.

With Bing visual search, you can:

  • find similar items.
  • work with text. Like copying phone numbers, solve math problems, etc.
  • explore nearby places. Like finding landmarks, find ratings, etc.
  • know plants and animals

So, to use this, you can download the Bing app on either iOS or Android. Or even on Microsoft Launcher (Android only). Further, you can access it via the Microsoft Edge app.

Pinterest Lens

One of the most famous visual search tools from a social media site is Pinterest Lens. With this, you can either search using photos taken in-app. Or by images saved on your phone.

So, if you want to buy new shoes like your favorite, run-down one, you can use this. Pinterest can give you a list of similar items for sale.

Then it can give you a list of sellers and price ranges. Thus, making it easier for product discovery.

Though it is not as rich as Google or Bing, it ties visual search to Pinterest’s own world. Which is very useful for heavy users of the app.

Also, this tool is available for both Android and iOS users. And it is seeing much success with over 600 million visual searches every month.

Snapchat Camera Search

Snapchat aims to up its social commerce game. Because they partnered up with Amazon to make their tool more powerful.

With Camera Search, you can point your camera on an item or barcode. Then, it will scan the item and show you Amazon cards.

These cards have the link of the item or similar ones. Thus, making it the fastest way to shop.

All you need to do is download the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device.


There are many visual search tools for various kinds of usage. Which one would you like to try?

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