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Why Discovery Products Carbon Off Cleaner

We all want such kitchen tools to last as long as possible. For this reason, you need one of these discovery products carbon off cleaner. Pans and other metalware are essential in the kitchen. Hence, we clean them carefully. Besides, we store them in a secure place. However, as time passes by, carbon begins to build on pans and other things made on metal.

Why Do You Need Carbon Off Cleaner

It is really important to maintain consistency in the food industry. The smallest decisions like handling food and kitchenware can affect a restaurant’s reputation. Even more, carbon residue can affect cook times and bake times. 

Also, products like muffins may vary depending on where they are cooked. That is either on a clean-spot or a carbon-covered one.

In any case, removing baked grease from your pans and metalware can help keep your products consistent. Discovery products Carbon Off Cleaner is here to help you with that!

What Is Carbon Off Cleaner

Carbon off cleaner, from the word itself, removes carbon build-up on metal products. Furthermore, it can even remove heavy carbon build-up. Some examples are pan, stoves, and other kitchenware. Discovery Products Carbon Off Cleaner is sold either in an aerosol can (19 oz.) or in the gel (16 oz.).  

Moreover, this product allows users to remove grease or carbon without scrubbing or waste of time and labor. Also, it is safe to use on aluminum. It boasts a fast-acting formula that works in as little as 15 minutes! It will surely make your equipment look new.


Carbon Off Cleaner is excellent to use on the following objects:

– Metal surfaces

– Brass

– Popcorn kettles

– Deep fryers

– Stainless steel

– Nickel steel

– Roasting & sheet pans

– Pots & pans

– Stove parts

– Barbecue grills

– Waffle bakers

– Broilers & rotisseries

– Chinese woks and many more!

How To Use Aerosol Carbon Off Cleaner

You must shake the can well before using it. Wear rubber gloves and protective eye gear. Also, only use carbon off on a cool and dry surface. Spray Carbon Off cleaner generously, holding can 8 to 10 inches from surface.

Do not get on skin, paint, floors, walls, or plastic tile. If contact is made, wash off immediately with cold water. Leave discovery products Carbon Off on the equipment for 15 minutes or as long as 5 hours, depending on the thickness of carbon buildup.

Leave overnight if convenient. Test with a small wooden stick to see if carbon is completely loose. DO NOT SCRUB! When carbon is completely loose, wash under cold water tap using a bristle brush or ScotchBrite pad. Either way, Carbon Off cleaner will not harm any metal surface no matter how long it is left on.

Carbon Off may also be used to clean the inside of appliances. Before using the appliance, be sure to wash thoroughly with warm water and soap. Afterward, rinse thoroughly using drinkable water.

Do not use on (or place an appliance to be cleaned on) painted surfaces, plastics, acrylics, Corian sinks and countertops, and Teflon non-stick pans. Moreover, this product is not intended for general cleaning.

Here is an actual demonstration on how to use carbon off cleaner:

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