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Visual Search Shopping: A 2021 Strategy

Visual search shopping becomes a consumer’s best friend. Why?

There’s something more frustrating than not knowing what to buy. It’s knowing exactly what you are looking for yet being unable to find it.

Whether you search for the perfect furniture, shoe, or dress, you can be unsatisfied with the journey if that happens.

Now, this is where visual search comes in. How so?

Read on to learn more.

Visual Search Shopping

Brands now rely more and more on imagery. For a long time, they noticed how it capture a buyer’s attention and desire. 

Still, only a few of them dialed in on the possibilities with visual search. With this technology, shoppers use images to search for a product. But, not just any other product.

It’s something that they are looking for. Visual search scans the internet for content. Then, they closely match it to an image that a user inputs.

Say you text-search for “blue Nikes” on the search bar. But, you’re left with endless options that Nike has created.

With visual search, you can just upload an image of the exact style you are looking for. Then, you’re off on a shopping journey.

You can also do it with pictures that aren’t yours. For example, you see a celebrity wearing a cool pair of boots. And you want to know where you can buy something like that.

By using a visual search, you can find an item that’s similar to that boots. You can simply upload a screenshot and off you go on a spree.

Big Names in the Game

Visual technology is newer to e-commerce. Still, major players have already joined the game.

Let’s consider Pinterest with their Lens tool. It allows users to upload their own images. Then, it will show shoppable links to the item.

They can also focus on an element within an existing pin. Say a dress from a model in a Pin.

Google has also gotten into the visual search game. Google Lens can search almost everything. From products to plants to events and more.

Amazon is also another game player. It allows shoppers to take a picture of whatever it is they need or want. Then, they can find it within the marketplace.

It is also a powerful tool. For example, it doesn’t just recognize a computer mouse if you scan it. It can also read book titles so you can get the exact copy of the book.

Why Visual Search Is Key for Shopping Brands

study found that 62% of Millenial and Gen Z shoppers want how visual search works. The idea of discovering and buying products quickly is something that can make the experience fun.

So, brands align their strategies with the consumers’ interests. With that, it estimated $3 trillion of combined buying power in 2020.

This technology may still be in its infancy. But, it can swiftly become a mainstay in e-commerce.

For one, visual search opens more doors for retailers. They can also streamline the process and make it fun for shoppers.

As a result, the customer experience is considerably easier and more satisfying.

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